12 Game Changing Wellness Tips

May 8, 2017

12 Game Changing Wellness Tips | www.xperimentsinliving.com

Wellness is about a healthy mind, body, and soul. It is more than just being free of disease and illness, it is the active pursuit of leading a healthy and fulfilling life.  There has been much research in the wellness arena, many new discoveries fly in the face of conventional health guidelines.  Try one (or more) of these game changing wellness tips based on the latest research.

12 Game Changing Wellness Tips

1. Pay Attention To Gut Health

Much has recently been discovered about the importance of a healthy gut and how it can affect your over all wellbeing.  A study by John Hopkins showed how gut health can directly affect anxiety and depression.  Digestive issues can send signals to the central nervous system that trigger mood changes.  Keep your gut healthy by eliminating foods that cause irritation and boosting intake of gut nourishing probiotic foods.  Check out these 15 Tips for a Healthier and Happier Gut, your brain will thank you.

2. Be Mindful

Mindfulness is being fully present in the moment.  Mindfulness can improve concentration, mental clarity, and emotional intelligence.  It can take some practice and training but it is well worth it.  Start by paying attention to all five senses, smell, taste, touch, sound, and hearing in a given moment.  The goal is to achieve a state of mind that is alert, focused, and relaxed.  Being mindful has been shown to improve both physical and mental health by decreasing depression, stress, anxiety disorders, and improving sleep.

3. Eat Healthy Fat

Fat has gotten a bad rep.  Numerous new studies are showing the health benefits of eating healthy fats.  Our ancestor’s diets may have consisted of up to 75% fat.  The brain is composed of nearly 60% fat.  Healthy fats are absolutely essential for healthy brain function.  Try incorporating healthy fats into every meal.  They will help keep you satisfied while boosting brain function.  Good sources of healthy fats include avocado, wild caught salmon, nuts, whole eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and ghee.

4. Eliminate Processed Sugar

Excess sugar consumption has been linked to everything from heart to disease to cancer to obesity and type 2 diabetes.  Sugar can be addictive for many people.  Like many addictive drugs it releases dopamine in the reward center of the brain.  There are many simple ways to eliminate processed sugar.  Eat real, whole foods produced by the earth.  Don’t drink sugar.  Read labels, it can be surprising all the places hidden sugar can be.  A complete sugar detox such as Whole30 may be exactly what you need to overcome your sugar addiction.

5. Go On a Digital Detox

Taking a break and stepping away from all the technology in your life can make you feel more relaxed and productive.  Set aside one day to power off your phone, tablets, computers, TV, etc.  Not having to worry about your phone buzzing will make you feel more peaceful and help you contact with the people around you.  Not being constantly being interrupted my the beeps and dings of texts and emails will give you time to think and dream of big ideas and projects.

6. Take Care of Your Mitochondria

Mitochondria are called the powerhouse of the cell, they are responsible for generating the chemical energy your body needs.  Caring for your mitochondria can slow the aging process, boost energy, cognitive function, and metabolism.  One of the main reasons our mitochondria deteriorate is eating too much unhealthy, processed food and not enough nutrient dense food.  This puts our mitochondria in a state of being over fed and undernourished.  Terry Wahls, MD suggests a Paleo diet rich in healthy fats, grass-fed meat, wild caught fish, and vegetables and low in carbohydrates to support mitochondria function.  Eating few carbs will prevent your mitochondria from being over fed and your body will learn to use healthy fat as its preferred energy source.

7. Strive For Progress Not Perfection

Striving for perfection can lead to increased stress and decreased happiness and productivity.  A better option is to enjoy and embrace the journey.  Strive for progress not perfect.  Try these 6 Simple Tips to Overcome the Need to be Perfect.  Start embracing your imperfections, you may just find it makes you happier and healthier.

8. Play

Play is purposeless, fun, and pleasurable.  It can help us connect with others and boost creativity and happiness.  What constitutes play is different for everyone.  Playing may be taking your dog for a walk, knitting, painting, or playing tennis.  Play is any activity that brings you joy.

9. Fitness Is A Lifestyle

Fitness is about more than getting in a certain number of workouts, it is a lifestyle.  An hour at the gym cannot combat the negative effects of 8+ hours of sitting.  Incorporate movement throughout your day.  Choose the parking spot far away, take the stairs, stretch at your desk, get up and speak with a co-worker instead of sending an email.  Interrupting extended periods of sitting with brief activity will get your blood flowing and keep your energy up.

10. Recovery Is Important

What you do after your workout can be just as important as the workout itself.  Muscles are broken down during activity and repaired during rest.  Support your workouts with proper nutrition, plenty of rest, and foam rolling.  Try these 8 Proven Ways to Speed Muscle Recovery.

11. Practice Self-Care

Self-care is about identifying your own needs and taking the time to meet them.  Self-care comes in many forms.  It can be taking a long bath, getting a massage, or simply sitting quietly in a beautiful park.  When you take the time to take care of yourself, you will enjoy life more and have a greater capacity to care for others.

12. Embrace The Process

Learn to enjoy the journey.  We can get so caught up in crossing items off our to do list that we forget to stop and appreciate how wonderful life is.  Appreciate the learning process, when something doesn’t go as planned, use it as an opportunity to learn and grow.  This will decrease stress and help you enjoy life more.

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