3 Keys To Achieving Any Fitness Goal

February 22, 2017

3 Keys to Achieving Any Fitness Goal | www.xperimentsinliving.com

When it comes to achieving fitness goals, that are three things that are necessary to make big gains a reality, consistency, honesty with yourself, and nutrition.  By simply focusing on these three things, you will set yourself up to achieve any fitness goal, big or small.


The number of workouts per week will vary based on fitness level and fitness goals.  Standard recommendations usually include 4 – 5 workouts per week with 2 – 3 active rest days.  Whatever your fitness goals and level, consistency is key.  Be sure you are including an adequate number of workouts per week with plenty of active rest.  It is during rest that your body rebuilds muscle and you gain strength.  Be consistent with your diet as well, a diet heavy in processed sugar and low in quality protein will not support fitness goals.

Be Honest with Yourself

Only you know how much effort you are putting into each workout, how often you skip workouts, or how often you cheat on your diet.  Be honest with yourself.  If you didn’t give that last workout your all, plan to step it up next time.  More often than not, your muscles can handle far more than your brain realizes.  Your brain will start sending signals to your muscles that they are fatigued when they are at about 60% of maximum capacity.  Next time your muscles are feeling fatigued, remind yourself that they have about 40% left and continue to push yourself.  Being honest with yourself is also about honesty when it comes to needing a break.  Be sure to survey your body and take rest days when necessary.  This will help prevent injury and burnout and keep you working towards your fitness goals.


At the most basic level, nutrition is important in fitness because it provides the energy required to workout.  Nutrition impacts every aspect of fitness, from strength and performance to recovery.  Basic nutrition to support fitness goals involves a healthy diet composed of lots of fruits and vegetables, protein, and complex carbohydrates.  Individual nutrition goals will vary based on genetics, fitness goal, and overall lifestyle. Checkout this Complete Guide of Workout Nutrition for exactly what to eat before and after to maximize its effectiveness.

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