9 Things French Women Have Taught Us About Self-Care

May 22, 2017

9 Things French Women Have Taught Us About Self-Care | www.xperimentsinliving.com

French women have that enviable je ne sais quoi. They always look put together without looking like they are trying too hard. Here we are breaking down the secret to French self care. It all comes down to doing what feels good and caring for yourself, mind, body, and soul.

1. Your beauty routine should make you feel good

French women know that a beauty routine is about more than just how you look.  Your beauty routine should make you feel good.  Massages, long baths, and spa treatments are considered an essential part of the beauty routine, not luxuries.

2. Develop a skin care routine

A good skin care routine is essential for that perfectly undone French look.  A dab of concealer and a swipe of red lipstick on your way out the door maybe all that is required to look put together.  Investing in a good skin care routine is one of the many reasons French women age so gracefully.

3. Feeling good is as important as looking good

French women embrace themselves flaws and all.  Next time you look at yourself in the mirror, focus on all the things you love about your body and unique beauty.  French women know that happiness does not depend on a size but is about feeling good in your own skin.

4. Enjoy high quality indulgences

The French are known for their rich, decadent food and not getting fat.  When French women indulge, they go for high quality.  Enjoying the best chocolate available, the most delicious cheese, and the freshest baguette.

5. Embrace your individuality

Everyone is different.  What looks fabulous on one person may not work for your body type or personality.  French women assemble a wardrobe that works for their shape and lifestyle.  A French wardrobe typically consists of  well made basics paired with accessories that express the wearer’s personality.

6. Appreciate the small things

French women appreciate the small things in life as much as the big ones.  A new perfume, the best croissant in town, popping a bottle of bubbly for no reason at all.  Appreciate and embrace the small things.

7. Find your passion

Part of the French women’s je ne sais quoi is her passion.  Find something you are passionate about and invest time in learning about it, experiencing it, and enjoying it.  The French are passionate about art, theater, fashion, and food.  Passion is the energy that keeps you going.  Find your passion and devote as much time to it as possible.

8. Spend time alone

French women are not afraid to spend time alone.  Time alone allows you to dream, plan the future, and contemplate life.  It is during time alone that we get to know ourselves better.  In our busy world, time alone can often be the greatest indulgence.

9. Be kind to yourself

The popular American philosophy of ‘no pain, no gain’ simply does not exist in France.  The French typically operate according to the pleasure principle.  Do what makes you feel good and look great.

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