About Xperiments in Living

Welcome to Xperiments in Living, the simple way to discover which health and wellness practices work best for you.

What we believe

We believe that everyone deserves to live their best life.  Everyone is different and will benefit from different health and wellness practices.  Xperiments in Living is a destination to figure out which heath and wellness practices work best for you.

What we do

At Xperiments in Living we provide simple, straight forward information on health and wellness practices.  We encourage you to try them for yourself and see which practices help you lead your best life.

The mission of Xperiments in Living is to encourage and inspire others to improve their life through Xperimenting.  Try a new workout, a new food, a new mindset to discover what works best for you.

Join me in this great Xperiment called life.

About Theresa Treasure

Theresa holds a master’s in biochemistry.  She applies this in depth understanding of how the body works to health and wellness trends, sifting through the hype to find out what really works.

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