Gym Bag Essentials

September 26, 2016

Gym Bag Essentials -

Having a well packed gym bag means I have one less excuse not to workout.  Be sure to include a protein rich snack and everything you need to pull yourself together post workout.

My Gym Bag Essentials

  1. Philosophy Purity Made Simple Facial Cleansing Cloths.  Prevent clogged pores and wipe away dirt and grime pre-workout.
  2. Havaianas Flip Flop.  A must when using the shower at the gym.
  3. Almonds.  The perfect pre or post workout snack.
  4. A sturdy gym bag.  It all starts with the right bag.  Pick one with lots of pockets to keep you organized.
  5. S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle.  Hydration is a must.
  6. Tinted Moisturizer.  Necessary to hide post workout redness and protect your skin from damaging rays.
  7.  Hair Ties.  Working out with hair your face is impossible.
  8. Mascara.  A little mascara goes a long way when it comes to looking put together post workout.
  9. Gypsy Water Parfum.  In case there is no time to shower.
  10. Deodorant.  Nothing is more necessary pre or post workout.
  11. Oribe Dry Shampoo.  When there is no time to wash your hair, this is your best friend.

What are some of your gym bag essentials?

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